Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Try . . . Really

Every time I start a new blog I've gotten closer and closer to what I wanted to do. Probably because I'm learning more and more about myself as I go.

Pixels, Art, and Me was close, because it was eclectic.

And now I'm just going to claim my corner here, and show you all that I am doing. I do beadwork, cross stitching, and I'm trying to learn to knit. I make jewelry, decor, and failed attempts at stuff.

I've got a lot going on at the moment - I'm working with the Patchwork Gym (kinda the leader) to make a quilt that has all of the Generation I Pokemon (the original 151), plus all the gym leaders, elite four, and the Champion plus the Trainer that we played. Plus a logo patch. It was tricky to put all the Pokemon on the 81 patches. But I did it! ^_^

I did the Ditto patch.

Also I'm working on a gift to myself for my birthday (it was last Friday) as a kind of break. Sounds selfish I know, but I'm not just participating. I'm trying to do prizes for competitions, fix problems, work on publicity, and so on. There's a LOT I didn't realize I'd be doing that I'm trying to do.

But I am so grateful towards the international effort that is going in to this. America, Australia, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, England - and this is just the short list. I'm sure I'm missing a country somewhere. I can hardly wait to get the patches when they send them in. Wow.

People are already wanting to do a Second Gen quilt. Their enthusiasm is just amazing.

Oh yeah, I have just finished a Prom hair jewel clip and forgot to take pics. So I'm going to get my husband's cousin to bring it to the next family function so that I can.

I also finished the first in 19 beaded Christmas ornaments that I have to do this year. 3 for my nieces and nephew, and 16 for the family ornament exchange. I'm doing sets of 4 per box because the ornaments are extra tiny.

And I have my sister-in-law's b-day coming up too to do. She wants a beaded anklet. Thank goodness I found a clasp that was "Somewhere between silver and black". Thank goodness for metal patinas!

Anyway yeah, that's the short list of what I'm doing.

Next year I'm going to buy a TON of tiny ornaments (365 to be exact) and I'm going to try to do an ornament a day. But for now, I'm just contenting myself to my current crafts. ^_^

Craft now, go insane later!

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  1. hey Faewren, it's crazystrange, sorry to hear pixel,art&me has gone, I really enjoyd reading up on different crafts but no matter, looking forward to seeing pics of what you're up too outside the pokemon gym and i'm honestly hoping to get started on my 2 patches this month!! just a couple of exchanges for a different forum to knock out first ;) Happy crafting hun! Fi x